Sphynx and Siamese
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Sphynx and Siamese


Sphynx and Siamese.


I have been involved with Siamese for about 15 years now. My first been from Flutterby Cattery

Flutterby Tigerfoot Blue Point Siamese. what a character he was. He retrieved toys thrown for him jumped up and opened my doors. He was very intelligent. Thankyou Kay for this most treasured boy.

We got up the morning after christmas one year, to find Tiger had been in the fridge and helped him and his friends (1 Siamese and 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers) to the pork that was left over from christmas day. Didn't see  them over the festive season that year i think they were stuffed!

About a year later we got a Chocoalte point Female Duet Chocolate Buttons.

She was a very petite girl who tiger took under his wing. They and made a great pair never sleeping apart.


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Alnakeed Minnie theminx

Thankyou so much Carole for this Stunning girl she is a dream.

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